German CyberKnife Services

CyberKnife is the 'state of the art' system for radiosurgery and more and more hospitals are looking to acquire a CyberKnife or have recently done so.
German CyberKnife Services, commissioning, training and technical support

Expertise lags behind installations

Some new CyberKnife centres which have opened in recent years have experienced long delays in becoming fully operational. It is not uncommon for new centres to take months to come up to anticipated operating capacity.
Quite simply operational expertise tends to lag behind installations when new medical technologies start to spread rapidly.

Technical support and training

German CyberKnife Services was set up with the backing of four university hospitals in North Germany including L├╝beck, where much of the CyberKnife technology now used worldwide was developed.
It is based at the North German CyberKnife Centre between Berlin and Hamburg, where practical training is given, as well as remote support services.

Range of services

Services range from vacation cover up to complete purchasing, installation and commissioning of specialist treatment centres, frequently requiring dedicated construction projects and costing up to US$10M. Other elements include:
Advanced treatment planning to minimise treatment times, improve patient safety and comfort and maximise patient throughput.
Assistance in starting more complex but financially rewarding treatments early.
Training of medical physisists and clinicians, at existing centres and on-site.
Improving technical skills to avoid down-time and cost overruns on new and recent installations.

Planning and start-up

The full start-up package generally includes Commissioning plus first month on site and remote service for the following two months, including treatment planning services, plus one month training for two persons.
Clients of German CyberKnife Services then enjoy access to clinical trials and research, workshops for radiosurgery and CyberKnife technology and support for patient education and marketing.

CyberKnife support enquiries

Visit our dedicated CyberKnife web site.
CyberKnife in Gustrow, North Germany, home of German CyberKnife Services
CyberKnife treats complex, inoperable tumours near sensitive organs
Advanced training and support avoids costly down-time for CyberKnife centres
New CyberKnife centres often experience teething problems and delays
CyberKnife robotically controlled radiosurgery system from Accuray Inc.
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Advanced CyberKnife treatment planning skills key to success of new centre
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