Advanced Medical Products, Services and Treatments

Medilux Healthcare Ltd., (MHL Health) now fully owned by PPM Consult

PPM worked closely with Medilux Healthcare Ltd. (MHL Health) over several years to develop new markets internationally for non-invasive and drug free medical diagnosis and treatments.
With the growing convergence of the two businesses, in 2012 PPM took over all the activities previously conducted by MHL Health.
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Medical products include

Aklides NUK Automatic evaluation system from Germany for measurement of DNA double strand breaks to detect damage.
Episcan Dermal ultrasound scanner from UK/USA provides high definition images of dermal tissue for pressure ulcer detection, burns, dermatology, skin cancer, evidence-based treatment assessments and research.
Q.Light Non-laser phototherapy devices from Switzerland for general medical applications and a cost-effective platform for photodynamic therapy (PDT) for skin cancer. Q.Light
Generic Assays Diagnostic tests from Germany including Crohn's Disease and peripheral polyneuropathies by ganglioside antibodies. Generic Assays
Episcan virtual biopsy of a skin lesion, with linear and area measurements.
Episcan virtual biopsy of a skin lesion, with linear and area measurements.
Many times faster than manual counting and avoids problems of inconsistent counting between individuals and centres. Aklides NUK
Aklides/Akiron analysers
Most ultrasound systems are unable to image at this shallow depth. Episcan
Q.Light non-laser phototherapy systems
Generic Assays diagnostic tests
PPM Consult
Helping specialised businesses to find new markets

IsobarĀ® custom-made compression garments

Every Isobar sock, stocking or sleeve is made to order after a 3D scan of 260,000 data points, to ensure an even pressure gradient with no pinch points. Pressure is clinically specified for the patient and application requested.
Isobar is long lasting and comfortable for medical applications, sports, long distance travel or sedentary occupations.
Isobar socks and sleeves custom-made from 260,000 measurements