The Silver Rider®

PPM Consult Ltd. has been asked to advise this niche beverage company from Austria, with products aimed primarily at distribution through clubs and restaurants.
The Silver Rider® produces a range of products including vitalising energy drinks, mineral waters, ice teas, cola and lemonade drinks, tasty lager beer and Bavarian style wheat beer. 
Silver Rider

High quality ingredients from the heart of Europe

The Silver Rider® uses high quality ingredients such as hops from Slovenia and mountain spring water from the Austrian alps.

Innovative brands, tailored to niche markets

The Silver Rider® is at the forefront of innovation in a market that is ever more demanding and discerning.
With a unique approach to a specialised international market, Silver Rider produces striking brands such as 'Energy Rosé Secco®' in small 200ml bottles, Colibri acai berry drink and  'Moments®' vitalising cranberry drink - for Women only!
Enticing brand names such as 'WOMANicer®' and 'Devotion®' appeal strongly to the target demographic and the refreshing and wholesome drinks catch the mood of the Moment.

Rebranding and distribution

Products can be rebranded and supplied in small quantities for individual customers, to suit the needs of this varied and dynamic market.
The Silver Rider® has already appointed distribution partners in a number of countries and is now actively recruiting further distributors around the world.
Refreshing Colibri vitalizer made with acai berries
Moments vitalising cranberry drink
Sugar-free Colibri vitalizer with acai berries
Colibri acai berry drink comes in Traditional and Sugar-free varieties.
Moments cranberry drink for clubs, bars and entertainment venues
Moments vitalising cranberry drink, popular in bars, clubs and entertainment venues.


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