Burghausen am Ball project
Jurassic Coast video

Surface Vision

Surface Vision creates custom made visualisations for all industrial, commercial and scientific sectors. The following is an example of the range of services provided to date.

Video Production

Surface Vision has many years experience in 3D modelling techniques on different platforms, utilising a range of software.
Surface Vision has become involved in a number of film projects and has secured awards for its work in touristic promotional films.
Video productions from internet presentations up to Full HD resolution.

Burghausen am Ball

Whatever project you have, see how it can be enhanced by adding dynamic 3D effects.
The Burghausen tourist office wanted a film to promote their football team, by linking it to the town's historical past.
Working closely with the company CFD, Surface Vision took care of filming, production and final editing.


Suspended transport project.- see transport.

Photorealistic architectural visualisations

From a simple home extension, to a dream house project to the most extensive hotel complex, see how the building would look in its actual setting before the foundations have even been dug.
All CAD software offers some 3D rendering support, but the results are not photo realistic. Surface Vision adds textures, interiors and furniture, populates the model with people and cars and landscapes the garden.
Then the 3D model is placed in a virtual environment, based on its actual surroundings and can be made to interact realistically with its surroundings.
See the interplay of light, shadow and reflections on the building from objects in its environment, and its effect on them in return.

Scientific visualisations

Surface Vision specialises in producing images or animated videos to enhance existing displays, including photo realistic models for palaeontology.
Using 3D modelling, sophisticated texturing and animation techniques, then combining the rendered images with real video or still pictures can bring any museum exhibit to life.
Animation may be the best way of demonstrating a process, like fossilisation. An exhibit becomes more interesting and language barriers are overcome.
Careful interpretation of available information and close collaboration with experts can produce stunning photo realistic renderings, showing how long dead animals may have appeared.
Part of visualisation of door handle mechanism
Part of Mammoth in Ttundra - image by Surface Vision
video and animated logo production
Hotel complex visualisation
Visualisation of cetiosaurus, one of the sauropod dinosaurs
Visualisation of meganeura, huige prehistoric insect
Visualisation of MonoMetro at Canary Wharf, London
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