Transport Project Development

Suspended public transport systems have major operational advantages.
Cable cars are of course familiar, but Germany has the leading examples of suspended public transport in working environments.
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Schwebebahn in Wuppertal
H-Bahn in Düsseldorf and Dortmund
Wuppertal Schwebebahn suspended transport
Siemens H-Bahn suspended transport
Previous projects have included:
Ground based rail systems such as trams take up and dominate road space, whilst monorails require heavy and intrusive infrastructure, so they are largely confined to theme parks and tourist areas.

Promotion of a new suspended public transport system

The UK-designed Monometro system takes inspiration from the older ones in Germany.
These can be constructed through closely built urban centres, suburbs and open country. It crosses motorways and rivers with ease and can  connect up airports and development zones.
It is much smoother and quieter than conventional rail-based systems and without the large and unsightly support structure required by monorails.
The system adds new capacity without hindering ground traffic.

PPM's contribution

We proposed and helped to plan new routes which no other system could offer and along which major businesses could be lobbied for support.
After assisting on route feasibility studies we prepared line costings and financial forecasts and then marketed to all large businesses on the routes and to MPs, council planning and transport departments and the media, as well as to initially wary local transport authorities.
We also assisted with proposals for private and public projects in London and Glasgow, including meetings with Council Leaders, opposition members, Members of the UK and Scottish Parliaments, regional development agencies and national and regional transport authorities, to introduce and to promote the system.
MonoMetro route design for London
By careful promotion and presentation to influential parties, PPM Consult successfully opened doors which had previously been closed to the system promoter.

PPM Consult opens doors

It combines unique technical capabilities with a light and elegant structure of great aesthetic merit, enabling it to create entirely new public transport routes.


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With its light touch in the built environment and minimal requirement for compulsory purchase in construction, the system offers an attractive alternative to light rail or tram systems and a lower build cost per kilometre.
Fragmented public transport networks can be integrated and MonoMetro offers the benefit of multi-level interchanges.
In most cases initial scepticism was turned around completely into enthusiastic backing and offers of assistance.
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