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Specialist Business Promotion

Every project is unique and requires a combination of  technical knowledge of the product with experienced business promotion.
Project planning and marketing
Finances are often tight for such projects and perhaps you need help to attract development grants, commercial funding or political support?
Do you have a new product or concept to promote?  Or perhaps you are seeking new markets for a specialist service?
For niche businesses the world is small and reputation is everything. Are you reluctant to trust promotion to outsiders, but not well suited to it yourselves?
PPM prides itself in making complex services appealing, without over-simplifying or exaggerating.
We seek long term partnerships based upon trust and exchange of ideas. Let us start a dialogue today.

New concepts and new markets

Relationship building

Specialist technical services in Europe and America
High definition ultrasound imaging for dermal and subdermal tissue
Latest particle beam therapy for cancer patients
Latest ion beam therapy for cancer and particle physics research at new centre in partnership with CERN.
Dermal structures imaged with high frequency ultrasound, with scale measurements.
Promotion of specialist technical support services in Europe and America.

Opening doors

To a new business getting recognition for their product may seem daunting. It does require hard work, but you do not have to do it all yourself.
The hardest part is to get started and that is where PPM Consult helps.
If you have a good product or concept, people will offer you their assistance and contacts, once they are engaged.
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Opening doors for innovative or highly specialised businesses
PPM Consult
Helping specialised businesses to find new markets
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