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PPM Consult Ltd. is a business and marketing consultancy based in the United Kingdom but with strong links also to Austria.
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With experience in a wide range of professional and commercial sectors, PPM Consult brings a fresh perspective to established businesses. We also guide start-ups on how to present themselves and shape their services to the needs of their target markets.
We value our independence and PPM Consult is a privately owned and managed company, capable of acting without conflict of interest in any sector.
For all enquiries, please contact PPM Consult.
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In 2012 PPM Consult acquired the business operations of erstwhile client Medilux Healthcare Ltd., rebranded MHL Health which works with clients in the medical field, especially in non-invasive diagnostics and therapy and new, high-technology operative procedures.

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We are dedicated to providing flexible marketing strategies for smaller and medium sized companies with highly individual or innovative products or services. 

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PPM Consult
Helping specialised businesses to find new markets

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Professionals offering highly specialised services and manufacturers of advanced and innovative products cannot also be expected to have the necessary skills, experience or time to open and develop new markets at home and abroad.
Typically these are small to medium-sized companies, where managers are also owners and are reluctant to hand over promotion to somebody else, much less an outsider. Yet this outside view is so often the key to unlocking the full potential of the business.
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Introducing products and services of a complex and demanding nature requires a highly analytical and creative approach. Not surprisingly, many companies struggle to find a consultancy that really understands their business.  
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The Consultant needs to distill the essence of a business or an idea without over-simplifying and to convey key concepts to others who are unfamiliar with them.
He must know enough to give confidence but also know his limits and when to refer questions to the client.
The inside perspective is essential too and all employees should feel involved with the business promotion.
Technical and support services are a vital part of any marketing operation. If these teams do not perform enthusiastically, the best efforts of the Consultant will fall to the ground as soon as new business is introduced.
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Advanced treatment planning for new cancer centres

Clarity without over-simplifying

Specialised businesses

In specialised areas of business the world can be comparatively small and damage to reputation can be hard or impossible to recover.
Talk to us about your needs and concerns. Each business is unique, but you may be surprised how experience in one sector can help in another.

With you all the way

PPM Consult takes the long view and works closely with you as your business develops, your product ranges evolve and your ambitions grow.
Consultants drawn from professional backgrounds, who have moved into marketing through practical experience in their particular fields will understand this thoroughly.
Many fear the damage that salesmen can inflict in pursuit of short term reward, so hold back from employing an outsider to market their business.